The Broome Bird Observatory is dedicated to the conservation of migatory shorebirds. Located just 25km from Broome, the Broome Bird Observatory is considered the most signifiacnt site for shorebirds in Australia.

Roebuck Bay has the greatest diversity of shorebird species of any site on the planet and around 150,000 of these birds visit annually.  The magnificent coastal scenery of the bay provides a fitting backdrop for the birds and is a stunning attraction in its own right.  As a day visitor you can walk the self guided botanical trails, enjoy the beach, observe the shorebirds and relax in the shadehouse which overlooks the bird baths, a great place to spot the local bush birds. 

There is no entrance fee, just a request for a donation.  There is also overnight accommodation in the campground, units or self contained cottage. Whilst a longer stay will suit those wishing to go on a guided tour.

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