As a result of recent data breaches affecting Optus and Medibank in Australia, we want to give our customers piece of mind that we are protecting our customers’ ‘identity data.’ The important pieces of information required are the customer’s DOB and driver’s license details.

The software we use, Rental Car Manager, strongly encrypts all our customers’ data including all identity data mentioned above.

Broome Broome Car Rentals uses a 3rd party vault that is PCI compliant and industrial-strength network, so we don't physically hold any data. All key customer information is stored as "encrypted", so even if the data itself was somehow hacked into, license and other key information is invisible without a "key", which a 3rd party holds. Credit card data is also stored in a 3rd party vault.

The Broome Broome Car Rentals privacy policy can be read here.

If you have any questions, please contact our branch and we would love to help.