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The rental agreement between Cahouna Pty Ltd trading as Broome Broome Car Rentals (“We”, “Our” or “Us”) and “You” (or “Your” as the context requires) (Rental Agreement) is made on the date on the rental agreement document you have signed with us in respect of the Vehicle (“Rental Document”). It is made up collectively of the Rental Document and these Terms and Conditions of Hire.

We are entitled to charge further fees and charges without further notice or consent from You as are set out in the Pricing Schedule. Additional fees and charges for optional services or Accessories will be explained to You at the time they are offered to You or are disclosed in the Rental Document.

In these Terms and Conditions:

‘Account’ means the debit card or credit card to which Rental Charges are to be debited;

'Administration Fee' means the charge for traffic infringements and damage claim forms (as set out in the below annexure);

‘Authorised Driver’ means You and any additional driver who is specifically named as an Additional Driver on the Rental Document;

‘Australian Consumer Law’ means Schedule 2 to the Competition and Consumer Act (2010) (Cth);

‘Code’ means the Australian Finance Industry Association Car Rental Code of Practice;

‘Collection Costs’ means Our costs of collecting any unpaid Rental Charges from You;

‘Excess Amount’ means any excess amount on the Rental Document;

‘Excess Reduction’ means any excess reduction purchased at the time of entering the Rental Agreement before Your rental commences to reduce any Excess Amount otherwise payable;

‘Fair Wear and Tear’ means Fair Wear and Tear described in the Code under the annexure headed “AFIA Fair Wear and Tear Guide - Rental Vehicles” and does not include damage (as set out in that annexure);

‘Late Return Charge’ means any charge payable by You if You do not return the Vehicle on the date and by the time shown on the Rental Document or any other date and time as agreed with Us, being as set out in the Pricing Schedule;

‘Manufacturer’s Specifications’ means the specifications of the Vehicle as set out in the Vehicle’s operations manual;

‘Overhead Damage’ means damage (excluding hail damage) to the Vehicle that occurs during the Rental Period above the top of the front windscreen and back window, damage to the box section of a commercial vehicle above the front windscreen or damage to third party property, caused by the Vehicle coming into contact with anything overhanging or obstructing its path, objects being placed on the roof of the Vehicle, or You or any person being on the roof of the Vehicle;

‘Pricing Schedule’ is the schedule of the same name contained in these Terms and Conditions of Hire.

‘Refuelling Service Fee’ means the cost of fuel per litre plus reasonable costs associated with arranging to fill the Vehicle with fuel;

‘Rental Charges’ means all fees, costs, amounts and charges specified on the Rental Document and Pricing Schedule or otherwise payable under this Rental Agreement;

‘Rental Period’ means the period commencing on the date shown on the Rental Document and ending on the date that You return the Vehicle to Us or that we recover possession of the Vehicle;

‘Roadside Callout Fee’ means a charge for an individual roadside assistance callout event, as specified in the Pricing Schedule; ‘State’ means a state within Australia;

‘Terrorist Act’ has the meaning in section 100.1 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) as at 1 March 2018;

‘Underbody Damage’ means damage to the Vehicle during the Rental Period caused by the Vehicle coming into contact with anything below the bottom of the door seals and the bottom of the front and rear bumper bars where We consider, acting reasonably, that the driver of the Vehicle is reasonably at fault for that damage; ‘Vehicle’ means the vehicle as described on the Rental Document (or any substitute vehicle from time to time), and includes all its parts, accessories, components, keys, remote opening devices, any tag or device for paying electronic tolls, and contents supplied by Us unless the context requires otherwise;

‘4WD’ means a Vehicle with a four-wheel drive transmission system that can be engaged in four-wheel drive mode.


You agree and acknowledge that:

  • only an Authorised Driver will drive the Vehicle; and
  • Each Authorised Driver is at least 21 years of age; and
  • any Driver holds a current and valid licence (not being a learner’s licence or provisional licence) to drive the Vehicle and have been licensed to drive vehicles of the same category as the Vehicle for at least 24 consecutive months immediately prior to signing the Rental Document.
  • You are liable and responsible for the acts and omissions of each Authorised Driver and any other person You or an Authorised Driver allows to drive the Vehicle and neither You nor any unauthorised driver will have the benefit of the limit of any Standard Excess or Excess Reduction option (if accepted or included in Your Rental Charges) if You or an Authorised Driver allows an unauthorised driver to drive the Vehicle and that unauthorised driver causes loss of or damage to the Vehicle or damage to the property of a third party.
  • In the event of renting with a company card, You will supply any information concerning the driver(s) of the Vehicle to Us upon demand and will procure Us having access to the driver of the Vehicle and will fully co-operate in obtaining such access.
  • We may use GPS or other electronic devices in the Vehicle to enable its location or tracking.


You and any Authorised Driver must not, unless authorised in writing by us, drive or take the Vehicle:

  • South of 80 Mile Beach;
  • Outside the Kimberley Region of Western Australia.
  • On beaches or through streams, dams, rivers or flood waters or other waterways nor below any high tide marks.
  • The Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Prado are the only vehicles permitted to travel to Middle Lagoon Road, Windjana Gorge, Tunnel Creek, The Gibb River Road and Purnululu National Park.  Permitted on Gantheaume Beach and 2kms North of Cable Beach only. Beach driving is at your own risk as insurance is void when on the beach.
  • The Small 4WDs (Suzuki Jimny), SUV 4WDs (Nissan Xtrail) and SUV AWD’s (Toyota Rav 4) may travel along Cape Leveque Road only to the Manari Rd and Cape Kooljaman Resort and Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm. Permitted on Gantheaume Beach and 2kms North of Cable Beach only. Beach driving is at your own risk as insurance is void when on the beach.
  • The Intermediate Hatch is permitted to travel on sealed roads excluding Cape Leveque Road. If weather permits, these vehicles are also permitted to the unsealed road of Eco Beach and Gantheume Point. Not permitted on unsealed roads or the beach
  • The Compact Hatch is permitted to travel on sealed roads within 30 kms of Broome only. They are not permitted on Cape Leveque Road. If weather permits, these vehicles are also permitted to the unsealed road of Gantheume Point. Not permitted on unsealed roads or the beach
  • The Scooters are only permitted to travel within 30 kms of Broome. Not permitted on unsealed roads or beaches. They are permitted to travel on the unsealed section to get to Gantheume Point.


You and any Authorised Driver must:

  • not use, or allow the Vehicle to be used, for any illegal purpose, race, contest, driving instruction or performance test of any kind;
  • not carry, or allow the Vehicle to carry, more passengers than may be properly accommodated by the seat belt or child seat restraints provided in the Vehicle and must ensure that each passenger in the Vehicle appropriately uses the seat belt  and child seat  restraint;
  • not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or have a blood alcohol or drug content that exceeds the legal limit in Western Australia;
  • not use or allow the Vehicle to be used to carry passengers or loads for reward or  payment of any kind;
  • not use the Vehicle when it is materially damaged or unsafe or otherwise drive or store the Vehicle, or permit or allow a passenger to conduct themselves, in a careless, reckless or dangerous manner;
  • use the Vehicle only in accordance with the Manufacturer’s Specifications;
  • not smoke within the Vehicle or allow any other person to smoke within the Vehicle at any time;
  • not without Our prior written consent use the Vehicle to carry any inflammable substance which has a flash point under 22.8⁰C or any other, explosive or corrosive substances.
  • not use the Vehicle except on properly constructed or designated roads;
  • not use the Vehicle for the conveyance or towing of any load unless the load is correctly loaded and secured and not in excess of that for which the Vehicle was manufactured; and when towing, the Vehicle is fitted with a tow bar; and the conveyance or towing is undertaken in accordance with the Manufacturer’s Specifications and
  • not use the Vehicle in contravention of any law rule or regulation or other requirement of a governmental body.


You and any Authorised Driver  must:

  • maintain all of the Vehicle’s engine oils, other lubricants and engine coolant levels to the Manufacturer’s Specifications, and you acknowledge and agree that We have provided the Vehicle to You with engine oils and engine coolant at levels which reflect the Manufacturer’s Specifications;
  • keep the Vehicle locked when it is unattended and the keys kept in a locked receptacle or otherwise on Your or the Authorised Driver’s person and immediate control at all times; and
  • notify Us as soon as practicable of any mechanical issue or difficulty with the Vehicle and furnish all such information as reasonably requested by Us.
  • For each roadside assistance callout for a fault or incident caused by Your act or omission (including, but not limited to emergency refuelling (up to an amount required to reach the nearest petrol station), a tyre-related, lost keys, keys locked in vehicle, or a flat battery due to lights or other electrical equipment being left on, you will be charged any roadside callout fee that is applicable.
  • You must not repair the Vehicle unless We authorise you to do so in writing except to the extent that repairs or salvage are necessary to prevent further damage to the Vehicle or other property, in which case You must promptly inform Us of such repairs or salvage. We require full particulars of and an invoice for the cost of repairs or salvage for reimbursement and GST purposes. We will reimburse You for any repairs to the Vehicle authorised by Us in writing, provided that We can verify the cost of those repairs and obtain an original invoice. To the extent that we cannot verify the cost of repairs, We will not reimburse You.


You must return the Vehicle to Us:

  • to the place, and by the date the time shown on the Rental Document; and

b) in the same condition of being clean and in good repair as it was at the commencement of the Rental Period, Fair Wear and Tear excepted.

  • If You tell Us that You wish to return the Vehicle to a location other than that stated on the Rental Document, You may only do so if We agree, and if so, We will notify You of the amount of the ‘one-way fee’ that You will incur and in respect of which You will be liable. If You do not inform Us in advance, You must pay a ‘one- way fee’ of up to $2 per kilometre (depending on the type of Vehicle and the distance travelled) to be determined and paid at  the end of the Rental Period as well as any also be liable for any Rental Charges calculated under clause 6.3 or 6.4.
  • If You return the Vehicle at an earlier date or time than agreed You remain liable for the amounts payable in the Rental Agreement.
  • We may request the immediate return of the Vehicle, or We may recover the Vehicle without notice if:
  • the credit limit on Your Account would be exceeded by the debiting of the Rental Charges;
  • the Rental Period expires without satisfactory arrangements having been made by You with Us; or
  • We reasonably suspect that:
  • the Vehicle may be used for an unlawful purpose; or
  • damage to the Vehicle, or injury to persons or property, is likely to occur.
  • If You do not return the Vehicle on the date and by the time shown on the Rental Document (or any extended date or time agreed with Us in writing) then:
  • after written notice to You and if the location of the Vehicle is unknown, We may report the Vehicle as stolen to the police; and
  • You must indemnify and compensate Us for any loss We suffer (including all reasonable additional costs We incur in recovering the Vehicle) up to the time that the Vehicle is recovered by Us including but not limited to the Late Return Charge.
  • If You have breached the Rental Agreement which has caused the downtime of the Vehicle, You will be liable to pay a per day loss of revenue fee based on the actual downtime of the Vehicle accumulated at its usual hire rate at that time (or, where the actual downtime of the Vehicle is not known, a reasonable estimate of that downtime).
  • Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, We shall have the right at any time during the Rental Period to retake possession of the Vehicle at Our absolute discretion and without giving to You any reason for so doing. 
  • In any circumstances where We recover or retake possession of the Vehicle, you irrevocably authorise and grant Us and Our agents a license to enter personally at any time upon any building or premises where the Vehicle may be located and to use reasonable force to remove the vehicle. Upon Us repossessing the Vehicle this Agreement shall be deemed to be terminated, but without prejudice to any claim or demand We may have against You in respect of any matter or thing occurring prior to the date of such termination.


  • You must refill the Vehicle with fuel only of the type specified in the Manufacturer’s Specifications.
  • If you return the Vehicle with less fuel in the Vehicle than the Vehicle had when You hired it, You must pay Us the amount per litre as set out on the Rental Document. The Refuelling Service Fee amount reflects the cost of fuel per litre plus Our reasonable costs associated with arranging to fill the Vehicle with fuel.
  • The fuel level of the Vehicle at the time You rent it will be a full tank and the fuel level upon return shall be determined by visual, electronic or other inspection by Us of the Vehicle’s fuel gauge, and the kilometres driven, and the amount charged for fuel will be based on the actual number of litres of fuel put into the Vehicle to return it to the level of fuel that the Vehicle had when You hired it. You are responsible for the fuel used by You while driving the Vehicle.


  • You are liable to indemnify and compensate Us for any damage to or loss of the Vehicle or any part thereof including parts or accessories, including but not limited to hail or storm related damage or theft of the Vehicle, during the Rental Period, subject to clauses 8.3, 8.4 and 9.
  • You are also liable to indemnify and compensate Us for damage to third party property that is in any way connected with the Vehicle which is caused or contributed to by You or an Authorised Driver or any person You or the Authorised Driver allow to drive or to be a passenger in the Vehicle.
  • If, acting reasonably, We accept that the loss or damage referred to in clause 8.1 was not Your fault, You will be refunded by Us in such manner so we may reasonably choose the amount of any compensation paid to Us if:
  • You provide Us with the following details of the incident being:
  • the name, residential address, contact phone and driver’s licence number of any person involved;
  • the registration numbers of all vehicles involved;
  • an accurate description of the incident and location;
  • the names of any attending police officers and the stations at which they are based;
  • the name of the insurer of any third party You believe was at fault;
  • any other information reasonably requested by Us; and
  • We recover the amount of loss or damage from a third party or their insurer.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, You are not liable for any damage to or loss of the Vehicle that is Our fault including:
  • any failure on our part to properly maintain the Vehicle; and
  • loss or damage directly due to any conduct or omission by us.
  • If You or another person has been using the Vehicle during the Rental Period in breach of clause 4.1(i) or returned the Vehicle in an excessively poor condition (excluding Fair Wear and Tear), You will be liable for the cost of any professional cleaning or odour extraction reasonably incurred by Us and a reasonable administrative fee reflecting the cost of making arrangements for professional cleaning or odour extraction.


  • Subject to clause 9.2, if You are liable to indemnify or compensate Us, We will waive that liability to the lesser of the amounts of any Excess Amount or any Excess Reduction amount:
  • An Excess Amount or Excess Reduction is referred to on the Rental Document (or if it is included in Your rate); and
  • You pay to us the Excess Amount or the repayment of any applicable Excess Reduction stated on the Rental Document for each separate event involving:
  • damage (including hail damage) to, or loss of, the Vehicle; or
  • damage which is caused by You or an Authorised Driver.
  • The waiver in clause 9.1 will not apply to:
  • Overhead Damage or Underbody Damage (including, without limitation, damage which occurs if You come into contact with including, but not limited to, a bridge, a height restricted tunnel, a tree, or the  roof or boom gate of a car park, or damage, including but not limited to, the exhaust systems, suspension and chassis caused by carelessly driving over gutters or kerbs  or  driving  along  poor quality roads at excessive speeds which damage is not attributable to Fair Wear and Tear;
  • You driving or operating or positioning the Vehicle in a manner that results in total or partial inundation or immersion of the Vehicle in water or exposure of the Vehicle to salt water (including, without limitation, damage which occurs as a result of You driving the Vehicle through floods, creeks or rivers or below the high tide mark);
  • damage to the Vehicle caused by a breach of clause 3, 4.1, 5.1, 5.3, or 7.1;
  • damage to a windscreen, tyre or accessory or damage to the interior of the Vehicle, regardless of cause in the event of no third party vehicle being involved but otherwise not attributable to Fair Wear and Tear;
  • theft and for damage to the Vehicle by Use of the keys despite compliance with clause 5.1(b), and if not through use of the keys then in the event of any theft and subsequent damage where You do not report the Vehicle as stolen to the police immediately on becoming aware of the theft and do not provide a copy of the police report to Us as soon as you receive it; or
  • loss or damage to Your property, the property of a member of Your immediate family or of a person related to You or a person is residing at Your premises if that loss or damage is from a breach of the Rental Agreement or if any particulars or information provided by You to Us is not true or correct; and
  • any recovery costs in respect of the above including but not limited to towing charges, storage and repossession fees or appraisal, such that in the event of any of the circumstances in 9.2(a) – (d) above, then Your liability and indemnity extends to the amount of the actual damage or loss irrespective of any standard or reduced amount of Excess, and in the event of 9.2(e) - (g) you shall be liable for any standard Excess Amount for that type of Vehicle  irrespective of whether an Excess Reduction has been selected and paid for.
  • For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions unless the context otherwise requires, any reference to You includes an Authorised Driver and any person that You or the Authorised Driver allow to drive the Vehicle.


  • Any Excess Amount will be debited at the time of loss of, or damage to the Vehicle and/or damage to the property of any third party.
  • You must pay to Us, and authorise Us to debit Your Account with, the Excess Amount at the time of any loss or damage pending Our assessment of the quantum of the loss and damage and any recovery costs, and if applicable, the repair of the Vehicle, subject to Your right to a refund under these Terms and Conditions.
  • Where You are required to pay Us under clause 8, the amount You must pay for any loss, damage, repair, cost or fee:
  • may be reasonably determined by  Us; and
  • in relation to damage to the Vehicle, is the lesser of the cost of repairs to the Vehicle or the market value of the Vehicle at the time of the damage.
  • If the amount determined by Us and paid by You under clause 10.3(a) exceeds the actual final cost of the loss, damage or repair and recovery costs, We will refund the difference to You within a reasonable period of time.
  • We will provide reasonable details to You of the final cost of the loss, damage or repair on request by You within a reasonable period of time.
  • Subject to clause 9.2, if You report the Vehicle as stolen in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, We will debit Your Account for the Excess Amount and if the Vehicle is recovered, We will refund the Excess Amount minus a deduction for damage arising from the condition in which the Vehicle is found as a result of the theft which is not recovered from a third party.


  • Where the use of the Vehicle by an Authorised Driver, or any other person You or the Authorised Driver allow to drive the Vehicle results in an accident or claim, or where damage or loss is sustained to the Vehicle or the property of any third party (Incident), You must ensure that You or any Authorised Driver:
  • promptly reports the Incident to the local police (if required by law);
  • promptly reports the Incident in writing to Us;
  • not without Our written consent make or give any offer, promise of payment, settlement, waiver, release, indemnity or admission  of liability in relation to the Incident;
  • permits Us, or Our insurers at their own cost to bring, defend, enforce or settle any legal proceedings against a third party in Your name or in the name of the Authorised Driver in relation to the Incident;
  • permits or ensures that We or Our insurers may claim in Your name or that of the Authorised Driver under any applicable substitute vehicle insurance, and assist, and cause the Authorised Driver to assist, Us in making such a claim, including assigning any right to claim under any substitute vehicle insurance to Us; and
  • completes and furnishes to Us or Our insurers within a reasonable time any statement, information or assistance which We or Our insurers may reasonably require, including attending at a lawyer’s office and at Court to give evidence.


  • At the end of the Rental Period, You authorise the debit of Your Account by Us to pay:
  • all Rental Charges including but not limited to hire charges and Excess payments;
  • any amount paid or payable by Us or You to any person arising out of Your use of the Vehicle or imposed on You or Us by any government or other competent authority such as tolls, speeding, parking and traffic fines;
  • the replacement cost (as reasonably determined by Us) for a lost or stolen accessory;
  • the card surcharge payable for the method of payment You chose to use for Your Account; and
  • any amount which You reasonably owe to Us under the Rental Agreement, in respect of a breach of the Rental Agreement or otherwise.
  • You authorise Us to complete on Your behalf any documentation for the purposes of You making payment to Us through the Account or any other payment facility made available by You and accepted by Us
  • Travel distance charges (being the number of kilometres driven) shall be measured from the Vehicle’s odometer.
  • If You do not pay any amount due under or in connection with the Rental Agreement within 7 days of the date due and owing, You must also pay Us and You authorise Us to debit from Your Account:
  • interest at 10% per annum (compounded monthly) on the amount outstanding from the date on which You were required to pay the amount until the date of payment; and
  • our collection costs and legal costs incurred on an indemnity basis in enforcing payment of the monies owing.


  • We shall not be liable to You for any delay, inconvenience or loss of any kind due to any accident, breakdown or defect in respect of the Vehicle nor shall We be liable to You for any property stolen from the Vehicle, or damage thereto whilst in or left with the Vehicle.


  • Either party may terminate the Rental Agreement at any time if the other party commits a material breach of the Rental Agreement.
  • You may terminate the Rental Agreement if We increase the Rental Charge specified in the Rental Document for a reason that is not due to an act or omission of You or the Authorised Driver.
  • Subject to clauses 6.1 to 6.6 (inclusive) and 12.3, You may terminate the Rental Agreement at any time by returning the Vehicle to Broome Broome Car Rentals.


  • The following terms have their respective meanings in the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) (PPSA) – financing statement, interested person, register, proceeds, security agreement and security interest.
  • You acknowledge that:
  • by renting the Vehicle from Us, You may be granting a security interest in the Vehicle (and any proceeds) to Us, and that this Rental Agreement may constitute a security agreement;
  • any security interest arising under this Rental Agreement attaches to the Vehicle when You obtain possession of the Vehicle and not at any other time; and
  • We may perfect our security interest by lodging a financing

statement on the PPSA register.

  • We do not need to give You any notice under the PPSA (including a notice of a verification statement) unless the notice is required by the PPSA and that requirement cannot be excluded.
  • You must do anything reasonably required by Us to enable Us to register our security interest, with the priority it requires, and to maintain the registration.


  • You may contact us during office hours in respect of any complaint and our team will help resolve any issues.
  • If We are unable to resolve Your issue, You may contact the Australian Car Rental Conciliation Service (ACRCS) online at


  • Your rights set out in this Rental Agreement do not exclude Your rights as a consumer under all consumer protection legislation that applies, including the Australian Consumer Law.


We recognise the importance of protecting your personal information. When you rent a vehicle from Us, we need to collect, store, use and disclose personal information about you to provide the services you request and for related purposes described below. You agree that you have read and understand that we will process your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We may also collect the personal information of other Authorised Drivers and passengers and You acknowledge and agree You have the authority to provide Us with their personal information and that you have informed them of this Privacy Notice and that We will also process their personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

How we collect Personal Information

The personal information collected may be comprised of Your name, contact and address details, date of birth, driver’s licence number, passport details, payment details, referees and, company name. We may collect information about You from You or through a travel agent, a corporate program, Your representatives, Your website or phone enquiry or a credit reporting body. We may also use electronic tools to monitor the location of your Vehicle, including distances travelled and current and previous locations visited. Some of this information collected by these electronic tools may constitute personal information within the meaning of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Use and Disclosure of Your Personal Information

We use your personal information for our operations in connection with providing vehicle rental and related services and administration of those services including damage monitoring and reporting, responding to accidents and other incidents involving the vehicle, processing payments and charges,  debt recovery, fraud prevention, insurance claims and credit management, research, to develop, manage, protect and improve our services and vehicles, communicating with you regarding your Vehicle, safety, arrangements with us and other matters, investigating, preventing and dealing with fraud, unlawful activity and breaches of our agreement with you, conducting customer satisfaction surveys and informing you of improvements to our services, and maintaining and developing our software and other business systems.

We may need to disclose your personal information to our related parties. and agents, our contracted service providers (including online), insurers to authorities who collect toll charges, fines and other road related charges, to the police on their request, to credit reporting bodies to list commercial credit defaults on their commercial database, driver licensing authorities, to our debt collection agencies and to other parties involved in an accident with the Vehicle during the rental period or your credit card provider in the event you default on the payment of any monies owing to Us.

Corporate Account

If you use an account linked to a company, you agree that we may share your personal information with that company in relation to your rental.


We may use and disclose your personal information for Our marketing purposes. We may, with your consent, send you direct marketing by one or more methods (such as by email, text message or by post) depending on what you elect to receive and how, how you engage with us and the contact details you provide until you opt out.

Privacy Complaints

Our Privacy Policy explains how to complain if you believe We have interfered with your privacy and how We will handle your complaint.

Access to and Correction of Your Personal Information

You have the right to access on request the personal information we hold about you, subject to certain exceptions. You can also ask Us to correct that information. Our Privacy Policy explains how to make access and correction requests and how requests are dealt with.

Payment Default

If You default in the payment of any rental fees or charges to us, we may give information about You to a credit reporting body to obtain a credit report about you, to allow the credit reporting body to create or maintain a credit information file about you, and to list your default and the debt on that credit information file. The information may include information about payment defaults over 60 days in certain circumstances and other information as described in our Privacy Notice.


Our global Privacy Policy is available online at our website or you can contact our Privacy Officer below:

By email:      

By Telephone:      +61 8 9192 2210 


Late Return Charge
0–1 hour late, one third of the applicable daily rental rate; 1–2 hours late, two thirds of the applicable daily rental rate; 2-3 hours late, the applicable daily rate; more than 3 hours late, 200% of the applicable daily rental rate for each day and part of a day until the Vehicle is returned or recovered.
One Way Fee
A predetermined fee that appears on Your rental document or $2.28 per kilometre.
Card surcharge
Any surcharge actually incurred.
Administration Fee$55 per traffic infringement
$99 per damage claim form 

Collection costs & Recovery costs
Actual costs of collection and as determined by type of recovery.
6.5(b) & 9.2(g)
Roadside Callout Fee
Determined by type of callout.
Professional Cleaning Charge
$28.50 administrative fee plus the cost of professional cleaning arranged by Us.
Underage Surchage for Authorised Driver 21-25 years of age
$20.00 per day per driver.

Note: Amounts indicated above are inclusive of GST.